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Renting a new or like-new instrument from Niver's Inc. is a great way to further your own musical education or fuel that fire in a child. When you visit our shop, you get access to the NEMC rental program, which is one of the best ways to have a quality instrument at an affordable rate. We work closely with all of the Columbia, Greene, and Northern Dutchess County and Western Massachusetts schools.

Embrace the music with a rented instrument

You always have access to a loaner instrument if your NEMC rental instrument needs any repairs.

  • Violins

  • Violas

  • Cellos

  • Band instruments

  • Orchestra Instruments

  • Percussion Instruments

Count on Niver's Inc. for all your musical needs

Your NEMC instrument rental is a snap. Just click on this handy link to our NEMC page or the NEMC logo below and follow the simple directions to reserve your instruments. You can pick up your instruments at our store or have them delivered right to the school of your choice. The NEMC 11 point plan below spells out many of the plan's best points, plus you get a low monthly rental fee and no interest charges.

Renting your instrument for the school band couldn't be easier

Call today to book your band or orchestra rental instrument.


1. Rental payments apply toward purchase of the instrument.

2. An early purchase option may be exercised at any time.

3. There is no obligation to buy and the full option to return at any time.

4. Maintenance and service plan: service other than damage, necessitated by normal use, is included in the rental program. No deductible.

5. A professional mouthpiece is supplied with every wind instrument (included in rental fee).

6. Each instrument is covered by a limited damage waiver and by a limited fire and burglary waiver (no deductible).

7. Only name brand instruments in new and like new condition with NEMC warranty. Your child deserves only the best!

8. Authenticity of new instruments is guaranteed.

9. Planned educational and motivational mailings to parents encourage and strengthen parental interest in your child’s musical endeavor.

10. Where less than full size stringed instruments are rented, we will at any time during or after the rental term, apply your accumulated credit towards the exchange to a larger size of comparable make, quality and kind. Other exchange options are also included in the rental program.

11. “Phase II” Superclub to rally child motivation and interest (the only one of its kind in the nation) with proven results that reduce student music program dropout.

NEMC 11 Point Plan

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