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Visit our shop at 801 Columbia Street in Hudson for a great selection of new and like-new musical instruments. You'll find a huge inventory of stringed instruments, amps, keyboards, organs, and other instruments. You'll also find a complete collection of the accessories you need to keep your instrument in top form. Special orders are always welcome, so let us know if you're looking for something unique.

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SAVE with holiday and back-to-school sales — visit the shop or check our blog or Facebook page to see the latest steals and deals.

When you shop at Niver's Inc., you get so much more than your initial purchase. Learn to master your new instrument with convenient music lessons or bring it in for any necessary repairs.

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  • Keyboards — Casio, Yamaha

  • Guitars — Dean, JB Player, Recording King, Johnson, Sierra

  • Violins — Barcus Berry, Bestler, Engelhardt

  • Amps — RMS, Johnson, Hartke, Line 6, Pignose

  • Band Instruments — Eldon, Antigua Winds Corp., E.M. Winston, Conn-Selmer, Jupiter, Artley, Armstrong, Bach, Blessing, Emerson, Olds, Gemeinhardt

  • Harmonicas — Hohner, Lee Oskar, Suzuki

  • Recorders — Hohner, Lauren, Yamaha

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Our selection of used instruments changes constantly, so if there's something special you're looking for, please let us know. Special orders are always welcome. All used instruments have been cleaned, inspected, and repaired by our technicians, and you always get a like-new instrument.


Used organs — Hammond, Wurlitzer, Lowrey

Used band instruments

• Flutes — Bundy, Gemeinhardt, Artley, Armstrong, Emerson, Jupiter

• Clarinets — Vito, Selmer, Bundy, Armstrong

• Trumpets — Getzen, Holton, Conn, Yamaha

• Saxophones — Conn, Yamaha

• Trombones — Conn, Bundy, King

Used stringed instruments

  • Guitars and guitar amps — various brands

  • Violins — most sizes

  • Violas

  • Banjos

  • Mandolins

SAVE with high-quality, like-new used instruments

If you're looking for music for your church, a portable DH200 Gulbransen Digital Hymnal is a perfect piece of equipment that works with most church organs and digital pianos. It's a programmable system that can produce a wide range of instrument sounds at customized tempos, and it's loaded with all the traditional hymns, choruses, and gospel favorites. Let us give you a free demo in your church.

A Gulbransen Digital Hymnal is an easy solution for worship music

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