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Stay in tune with Niver's Inc.

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That vintage electronic instrument may have years of life left in it — let Niver's Inc. breathe new life into it and keep it working like new. When you visit our shop, you'll find a huge selection of replacement parts and the other accessories you need for your vintage piano, amp, radio, or other electronic music machine. Let our skilled, professional staff help you locate the perfect part for your classic collectible.

Breathe new life into old electronic instruments

Do you have a Van Koevering Interactive Piano that needs work? Niver's Inc. is the national service center for them, so call today.

  • Vintage guitar amps

  • Wurlitzer electric pianos

  • Tube radios

  • Phonographs

  • Portable keyboards

Have us repair your vintage instruments

  • Replacement parts for Wurlitzer organs

  • Phonograph needles and cartridges

  • Phonograph phonodrives

  • Voice Of Music turntable parts

  • Large selection of replacement tubes

  • Replacement parts for most home organs: wurlitzer, hammond, lowrey, thomas and conn

  • Original Hammond and Leslie oil

Locate those rare and vintage electronic parts in our showroom

All instrument repairs are backed by our 90-day warranty on parts and labor.


Be sure to keep an eye on our eBay and Etsy listings. You never know what kinds of rare instruments, vintage parts, or other exciting items you might find listed there. The choices change regularly, so check back often.

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